Dear readers in this post I will present to you the only official iCloud Unlocker service for iCloud iPhone 6 5s 5c 5 4s 4, iPad and iPod touch regardless of the model which have iCloud account locked. This service is more known as the iCloud Unlocker and can help you Unlock iCloud iPhone , iPod or iPad permanently on your locked device and thus allow you to use it without any problems on any mobile carrier. In this post I will demonstrate and show to you a unique step by step pattern on how to unlock iCloud iPhone 6 5s 5c 5 4s 4 , iPod or iPad , what is iCloud lock and why does so many iPhone and other devices have it.
Currently, most indications are that the iCloud lock is related to the Find my iPhone app and in this post we will explain in details the purpose of this application and why every iPhone device has it installed.The unlocker software you can download it for free bellow on this page.

iCloud Unlocker Service

Find my iPhone App and iCloud Lock feature

Once the Find my iPhone app is installed on your device from the Apple Store, the application will immediately ask you to login into your iCloud account with your Apple ID and password. The Find my iPhone app is always online and it is always connected to Apple’s database servers and satellite. In case your device is lost or gets stolen you can use the Find my iPhone application to immediately trace its location.
But, even though this is highly useful application there is another app which goes in package with this and this app will not allow you to use your device and access your personal data such as your iPhone contacts, images, notes, vides etc. in order to prevent abuse of this important data by third party. But always it does not have to be the case that your device was stolen or lost and many users simply have just forgotten their proper iCloud login credentials or they have purchased their device from second hand retailers or internet web sales sites. And once your device is iCloud locked then the real problem begins. In situation where you cannot provide the proper iCloud login credentials you will be denied access to your device and the Activation screen lock will prevent you from normally using it.

What to do with Activation screen lock?

So in order to be able to normally use your iPhone again you will have to make restore and permanently Unlock iCloud from the iPhone device. There are several methods which can help you do this. The easiest and cheapest method will be introduced in this post.

ICloud Unlocker Service and how to use it

Very popular and highly efficient. This is the iCloud Unlocker service tool. You can Unlock iCloud and permanently remove the Activation screen lock with this service tool. There are many users who have tried using the iCloud Unlocker service v2 and their reports are that the iCloud Unlocker service have helped them unlock iCloud on their Apple devices. The iCloud Unlocker is different than network unlocking so please pay attention and because this is different unlock and this tool can only help you remove the iCloud lock from your iPhone.

Using the iCloud Unlocker service

If you are certain that your iPhone, iPad or iPod is iCloud locked then in order to remove the lock you will have to use the iCloud Unlocker service with the IMEI code of your device. ICloud Unlocker tool is the best method for iCloud Unlock because it will help you permanently solve your iCloud account lock problem and you will never have this issue again. It is proven that the iCloud Unlocker Service can remove the iCloud Lock directly from Apple’s main data servers only by using the IMEI code of your device.
The IMEI code is a 15 digit number and all of iPhone devices have one. Each iPhone is registered in Apple’s database with this IMEI code and in case something is wrong with your device by making use of this code your device can be immediately recognized. So that is why it is very important to know the IMEI code when trying to unlock iCloud.
Bellow we will demonstrate to you have to make the best use of the iCloud Unlocker service tool and everything will be explain in step by step instructions.

iCloud Unlocker Service Process
Finding IMEI code and performing iCloud Unlocker Service

There are two easy methods to find the IMEI code of your device. I will explain both of them and you can feel free to choose one of them:

• Method 1: Open your iPhone dial pad and dial the number *#06# and immediately the IMEI code of your iPhone will be displayed on screen.
• Method 2: Go to Settings- General-About and scroll down the page to the bottom where the IMEI code is.

With these two methods you can easily find out the IMEI code of your device in less than 5 minutes.
Once you have found the IMEI code of your iPhone it will be extremely easy to make use of the iCloud Unlocker Service and perform iCloud Unlock on your iPhone device. When performing iCloud Unlock it is not important to know on which mobile operator your iPhone is currently locked to and it is not necessary to check it.
ICloud Unlocker service is only used to remove the iCloud iPhone lock and it does not Unlocks your device from mobile operators. You will have to use different method if you need to network unlock your device.
So prior making use of the iCloud Unlocker tool you will have first to make sure that your iPhone is iCloud locked. If this is the case then you can use our iCloud Unlocker service by IMEI and remove the iCloud lock in only a couple minutes.

iCloud Unlocker service tool by IMEI code

Making use of the iCloud Unlocker tool is very easy. Even if you have only basic computer knowledge you can still Unlock iCloud iPhone. To download the tool on your device click on the download button bellow :

iCloud Unlocker Service Download

Instructions for use iCloud Unlocker Service:

Now that you have clicked it an online form should be displayed on your screen. Fill in this form and add the IMEI code of the device which is iCloud locked in order to verify whether the provided IMEI code is authentic or not. Once the verification is finished select your iPhone model from the list. After you have completed these steps click on the Next button to proceed. On the following page you will be asked to provide some personal information and your email address. It is very important to provide correct data in order to be able to use the iCloud Unlocker service.
Once the iCloud lock is successfully removed from Apple’s database you will be notified by confirmation mail that the iCloud Unlock is finished.
The last remaining task now would be to complete the Unlock iCloud process.

Completing the iCloud Unlocker Service Procedure

In order to complete the Unlock iCloud on your iPhone you will have to get the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer. After you have installed iTunes on your computer start the application. After that make sure that you have properly connected your iPhone with your Computer using USB cable connection. Once your devices are connected first do Restore on your iPhone. After the Restore is complete do Update. This will take only a little bit of time and it is very important to do it because the Update will allow you to get the latest version of iOS installed on your device and it will help you activate your device. So this is very important step and you must complete it.

After the Restore and Update processes are finished your iPhone will be set to Automatic Reboot. Once the Reboot is completed you will be asked to set your iPhone parameters. Select your country of residence and the language which you want to use. After that enable your iPhone’s Wi-Fi and login to iCloud using your new Apple iD and password. After you enter them your device should work normally and iCloud should be unlocked.

iCloud Unlocker Service iPhone

List of compatible iPhone models with iCloud Unlocker Service

The iCloud Unlocker Service is constantly being developed and upgraded and the list of supported devices is constantly increasing. So far almost all iPhone models and iPad devices are supported. Bellow you can find the complete list of supported devices for iCloud Unlock by the iCloud Unlocker Service:
• iCloud Unlock iPhone 6 Plus
• iCloud Unlock iPhone 6
• iCloud Unlock iPhone 5s
• iCloud Unlock iPhone 5c
• iCloud Unlock iPhone 5
• iCloud Unlock iPhone 4s
• iCloud Unlock iPhone 4
• iCloud Unlock iPhone 3gs
• iCloud Unlock iPad any Models

In addition it is also important to know that the iCloud Unlocker service supports almost all iOS versions and broadband so basically it does not really matter whether you have old or new iOS version installed on your iPhone. It is only important to know the IMEI code of your iPhone and to verify that your device is really iCloud locked. Bellow is the complete list of iPhone models and iOS versions supported by the iCloud Unlocker service:

• Unlock iCloud iPhone iOS – Latest Version
• Unlock iCloud iPhone iOS 8.4
• Unlock iCloud iPhone iOS 8.3
• Unlock iCloud iPhone iOS 8
• Unlock iCloud iPhone iOS 7.2
• Unlock iCloud iPhone iOS 7.1.2
• Unlock iCloud iPhone iOS 7
• Unlock iCloud iPhone iOS 6

Many users share my opinion that the iCloud Unlocker service is the best tool which can be used to Unlock iCloud iPhone. We all know that the Unlock has become a global problem and there is confirmed data that more than 25 percent of all iPhone devices are iCloud locked. Still now with the help of the iCloud Unlocker service tool this can be easily fixed and without much effort the iCloud Activations screen lock can be removed. This tool has been used by many people and it has helped them Unlock iCloud so I am pretty sure that it will do the same thing for you as well.
So if you have iCloud locked device then it is recommended that you make use of the iCloud Unlocked service and Unlock iCloud.

For any questions regarding the iCloud Unlocker service v2 feel free to contact us or post a comment bellow in the comment section. Our reply will be fast and we will try to help you with your problem. Stay connected with our social Fan pages for the latest news regarding the iCloud Unlocker Service.

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